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Is CBD Okay for Christians to Use?

CBD oil in Canada is trendy nowadays because it is believed to be an effective treatment for symptoms that lead to ongoing physical pain. This does not limit to physical illnesses. This also cures some symptoms of depression. This is available all over Canada since multiple companies are producing CBD oil. Although CBD oil and the famous CBD cream are chemicals made from cannabis plants, Christians consider their use because of their known effectiveness.
The question is, is it okay for Christians to use it, although it might contain the “high” ingredient that marijuana has?
Is It Okay …

Print These Best Bible Verses On A Custom T-Shirt

Needing a bit of encouragement today? Feeling discouraged again? Customized items like custom T-shirts, mugs and other memorabilia are getting so much attention these days. Not only that these are fantastic novelty gift items, but custom T-shirts are also fashionable pieces that can speak your personal statements. In this article, we recommend printing these best Bible verses on your custom T-shirt.
With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God. (Mark 10:27)
Inspire anyone who will get to read this Bible verse on your T-shirt, especially those who are …

Biblical Announce Studies Seminary Online

Biblical Studies is glad to announce its recent development of the Seminary Online. Seminary Online is a technological platform that is designed to cater to distance learning students who wanted to pursue theological studies but are hindered or constrained to physically set foot on campus.
It has been a few weeks since the Director for University Development gave hints of this major project approved by the Board of Elders of Biblical Studies. Since then, there have been numerous inquiries made to the university registrar by the many interested and willing enrollees to the Seminary Online…