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Biblical Studies is glad to announce its recent development of the Seminary Online. Seminary Online is a technological platform that is designed to cater to distance learning students who wanted to pursue theological studies but are hindered or constrained to physically set foot on campus.

It has been a few weeks since the Director for University Development gave hints of this major project approved by the Board of Elders of Biblical Studies. Since then, there have been numerous inquiries made to the university registrar by the many interested and willing enrollees to the Seminary Online programs.

The Seminary Online is a self-paced distance learning facility that can cater to students with busy and conflicting schedules due to personal, work or ministry responsibilities. A student does not have to be online all the time since the lessons can be taken at his own time.

Among the many online courses opened already are Missions, Discipleship, Leadership, Greek, Hebrew and Christian Education. Program opportunities for the Seminary Online are provided on a rotational basis. For more information on the currently opened programs, please reach out to the university registrar.

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