If you are interested to pursue good theological education and leadership training at Biblical Studies but is constrained by busy and conflicting schedules because of work, personal issues and ministry, you can still do it through our Seminary Online program offerings. Fit your learning styles to your schedule by getting the lessons at your own pace, without having to get online all the time.

Study with us through online means and complete a Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies in a minimum of two (2) years time. You may even take 18 out of the 27 courses required for a Master of Divinity diploma via Seminary Online at Biblical Studies.

This distance learning facility aims to provide more education opportunities to deserving and willing students who happen to have no chance to physically step foot inside the campus. Most of our Seminary Online students are either working full-time or living across the country. The Biblical faculty is equipped to handle students enrolled online, breaking physical barriers to studying. They are very prompt in attending to your questions, no matter how hard and debatable they may be.

The online course programs are designed to be highly interactive and collaborative. It fosters a healthy learning community among students and faculty.

Among the many online program opportunities provided by Seminary Online are:

Church History

Christian Education



Intercultural Studies




Pastoral Care

Pentecostal Studies

Spiritual Formation


These online courses are opened periodically on a rotational basis. Reach out to our university registrar for more information about the Seminary Online.