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Master of Theological Studies

Aside from the Seminary Online program offerings, Biblical Studies also offers a Master of Theological Studies that can also be done online. MTS is a doctrinal course about Christian theology and ministry that aims to give an in-depth study of the doctrinal disciplines by putting together intellectual diversities, spiritual transformation and church ministry building.
The Master of Theological Studies is geared and designed with the aim of honing the Church as the called people of God. Its courses revolve around the missional role of the Church, discipleship, evangelism, and witnessing …

Seminary Courses

The following are the courses offered by Biblical Studies with their short description. To check on the schedules for these courses, reach out to the university registrar.
Biblical Interpretation
This course is an in-depth study of the techniques and interpretative theories regarding discerning the meaning of biblical texts. The topics include the practical approaches in interpreting the Bible, historical background, and doctrinal issues concerning biblical interpretation as a discipline. Students can expect to have an understanding of the relationship …

Seminary Student Life

Living up to its holistic approach to learning, a typical seminary student life at Biblical Studies involve your development as a whole human being. Apart from prioritizing the study of the Bible, we encourage our students to discover and cultivate their passions and talents all for the greater glory of God.
We believe in weaving a healthy network of lifetime friends who you can talk to, laugh with, play sports with, eat out together and develop a deeper faith in God. Your stay at Biblical Studies is an adventure in itself.
Despite welcoming a diverse …

About Biblical Studies

Biblical Studies is an emerging theological seminary that caters to faculty and students situated in the United Kingdom. We live up to our mission of providing a holistic, Bible-based educational journey. Our top-calibre roster of instructors and professors were schooled at globally competitive Christian universities who will integrate their ministries into each student they meet.
We have a diverse mix of theology students, some coming from more than 50 ethnic and cultural traditions and Christian practice. We are proud to say that our many generations of alumni have been dedicating what…


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