Living up to its holistic approach to learning, a typical seminary student life at Biblical Studies involve your development as a whole human being. Apart from prioritizing the study of the Bible, we encourage our students to discover and cultivate their passions and talents all for the greater glory of God.

We believe in weaving a healthy network of lifetime friends who you can talk to, laugh with, play sports with, eat out together and develop a deeper faith in God. Your stay at Biblical Studies is an adventure in itself.

Despite welcoming a diverse mix of cultures and traditions, your seminary life at Biblical Studies will expose and connect you to many persons with varied walks of life. Seminary life does not have to be boring. You can find a supportive community of learners who will constantly encourage you with fresh ministry concepts and impactful evangelization strategies.

Most importantly, as our student, it is our goal to help you experience the Lord Jesus Christ in exciting ways. You will be given many opportunities to serve locally and abroad. Mission trips with your fellow students are a typical part of your programs. Be challenged and inspired at the same time. You will be assured that there will always be a group to walk with you on your journey through Bible study groups, prayer gatherings, student council events, worship, etc.