Aside from the Seminary Online program offerings, Biblical Studies also offers a Master of Theological Studies that can also be done online. MTS is a doctrinal course about Christian theology and ministry that aims to give an in-depth study of the doctrinal disciplines by putting together intellectual diversities, spiritual transformation and church ministry building.

The Master of Theological Studies is geared and designed with the aim of honing the Church as the called people of God. Its courses revolve around the missional role of the Church, discipleship, evangelism, and witnessing in word and deed about the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

With the introduction of the MTS degree online, graduate students will enjoy flexibility in accessing and managing the lessons, especially those who rely heavily on distance learning because of their location and lifestyle The programs are designed to cater to graduate students who have family responsibilities, ministry and pastoral commitments and other full-time jobs.

Each course in the MTS online is also designed to be highly interactive to foster a supportive learning community among faculty and fellow distance learners. Since everything is done online, Biblical Studies faculty are available online to answer your questions. Just like in a classroom setting, your professors can facilitate discussions with students to engage them in informative debates, dialogues, and learning sessions.