Biblical Studies

A degree in Biblical Studies plunges you forward into the comprehensive scrutiny and study of the Bible, the historical context of the Scripture, its doctrinal themes and major biblical circumstances. In order to mesh out the original context, students will have the opportunity to study both biblical Hebrew and Greek. Basic and advanced techniques towards Scripture interpretation will empower any student to be effective expositors and apologists of the Bible.

Applied Academic

Exegesis courses related to Bible History, New Testament Beliefs, Prophets of the Old Testament, Literature are also taught in Biblical Studies. Individual book studies on major books of the Scripture will help you grow in your understanding of biblical texts as applied to social, religious, cultural, and historical themes. As a result, you will be equipped to create your own Bible-based curriculum and materials for effective use in bible study, study groups, Sunday school and preaching to the multitudes.

Holistic Teaching Style

You will learn and understand the Bible not just as it is, but will also be equipped to study major biblical languages, Hebrew and Greek. This will give you a holistic appreciation of the whole Bible which is a solid basis for your church planting ministry or for further biblical studies.

Hands-on Training

Students of Biblical Studies will get practical experience to apply what they learn through the program’s internship, outreach and immersion activities. You can also have the opportunity to work as a researcher or even write a thesis to hone writing and analytical skills.