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The Old Testament/Hebrew Bible is an ancient book (or better: an ancient collection of books). While its basic content and story line may be grasped by the careful modern reader, to appreciate and understand it within its ancient context with all its intricacies and beauty requires serious study. There are numerous books and reference works written to help readers access the OT/HB. In fact, perhaps there are too many such works!

This page highlights some of the best English resources for the study of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, including translations and study Bibles, introductions, reference works, and some select areas of OT/HB research (coming soon), as well as some internet resources.

Translations & Study Bibles

There are more excellent translations of the Bible -- including some of just the Old Testament/Hebrew -- available today than ever. If anything, perhaps there are too many translations available! Most modern English translations, such as the New International Version or the New Revised Standard Version, are based on the best text and modern translation principles.

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Ancient Near Eastern Context
One of the most important things to consider when reading the OT/HB is its ancient Near Eastern context. The OT was written over two thousand years ago by people who lived in a very different world than we do. It is essential that we have some grasp of this ancient context in order to prevent us from reading our modern presuppositions and ideas into the ancient text that is the OT/HB.
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Introductions to the OT

There are numerous introductions to the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible written from a variety of theological and critical perspectives.

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Reference Works

There are innumerable reference works to the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible. I will highlight a few more recent works that I believe are excellent aids to the study of the Bible.

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