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Song of Songs/Canticles
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The Song of Songs, or "the most excellent of songs," was one of the most popular biblical books in the middle ages. The dominant interpretation through most Christian and Jewish history has been to read the book allegorically as an expression of love between God and his people. While some continue to hold such an interpretation (usually more hermeneutically refined), most see the book as a celebration of human sexuality.

Most of the scholarly commentaries highlight and provide extensive background to the erotic imagery of the book. Pope is excellent in this regard, as is Murphy and Keel. Garrett's work is a good solid commentary, as is Longman's volume. The historical perspective offered by Wright is especially relevant for the Song. It is difficult to beat Provan's work as far as popular commentaries are concerned, though Carr is also very good. Once, again, I probably have to give the nod to Murphy's Hermenia commentary on Song of Songs as the best of the bunch.