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Mastering Biblical Hebrew
History of Hebrew LanguageOne of the biggest challenges after learning the basics of Hebrew grammar is gaining proficiency in it. While nothing can replace the regular reading of the text and hard work, there are a number resources available to help the beginner. This annotated bibliography will help guide you through some of the different resources available.

I woud also recommend getting a more complete perspective on the Hebrew language through studying its history. In this regard, Angel Sáenz-Badillos's A History of the Hebrew Language (Paperback) is highly recommended (Buy from | Buy from

For a discussion geared to those wanting to learn Hebrew, please see my Introductory Hebrew Grammars page.

Hebrew Bibles

There are a number of Hebrew Bibles available for students and scholars in a wide variety of formats. While the standard Hebrew Bible has been and continues to be Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (BHS), there are a number of exciting new critical editions of the Hebrew Bible currently under development, such as the Biblia Hebraica Quinta and the Oxford Hebrew Bible.

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Advanced Hebrew Grammars

There are a number of different Hebrew reference grammars available. Some of them are more daunting than others -- not only because they treat advanced grammar and syntax.

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Hebrew Lexicons

An indespensible tool for students and scholars of biblical Hebrew is a good lexicon (a fancy title for a dictionary).While beginning readers will want a basic lexicon by their side while working through a passage, for in-depth research you will want to consult a multi-volume advanced dictionary.

Reading Grammars

There are a number of intermediate Hebrew grammars designed as inductive reading guides. These works reinforce elements of Hebrew grammar that students would have learned in an introductory Hebrew class and typically introduce more advanced grammatical and syntactical concepts through an inductive study of different Hebrew texts.

Hebrew Vocabulary Aids
One of the basics of learning a new language is building a foundational vocabulary so you don't have to look up every second word. There are many reference works available to help the student with matters of vocabulary and parsing.
Hebrew Concordances

A handy tool for doing exegetical research is a concordance. A concordance of the Hebrew Bible will index every word that occurs in the Hebrew Bible and produce it with a short excerpt from the context so you can see the different ways a particular word is used.

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