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Over the years that I have taught Classical Hebrew I have developed a number of charts and handouts. Some of the ones I have developed are available here, and more are to come! Please feel free to use and distribute them, though I ask that you do not modify them or remove the credit notice.

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There numerous software programs that facilitate learning Classical Hebrew or studying the biblical text. Only computer-assisted learning programs are noted here. For biblical studies search software and electronic text delivery programs please see my Software for Biblical Studies pages.

Hebrew Tutor on CD-ROM (Parsons Technology, 1997). This is a pretty good resource for self-study of Biblical Hebrew. Roughly equivalent to a first-year Hebrew course. Covers the basics of Hebrew grammar: Alphabet, Vowels, Nouns, Prepositions, Construct Nouns, Qal Perfects, Pronouns, Qal Imperfects, Adjectives, Perfect Stems, Imperfect Stems, Imperatives, Infinitives, Participles. has numerous review sections, a vocabulary builder, interactive drills and exercises, as well as Scripture memorization and translation features. Also ideal for those wanting to augment or review their introductory course in Classical Hebrew.

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