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The Dead Sea Scrolls
4QMMTThe discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1946 marks one of the biggest archeological finds of the twentieth century. The DSS have revolutionized our understanding of the text and canon of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, given us new and startling insights into the nature of Second Temple Judaism, and have provided us a better understanding of the world in which the early Christian community emerged.

These pages will bring together a number of resources for the study and interpretation of the DSS. I have put together an Annotated Guide to the Study of the DSS that covers select areas of Dead Sea Scroll research, including internet & computer resources (as part of my Guide, there is also a complete listing of DJD and Princeton volumes; see my Critical Editions of the Dead Sea Scrolls page). In addition, I have brief Introductions to all of the major scrolls as well as some other major DSS topics. These originally were developed by students from one of my university DSS courses, though I have edited and updated them. I have also included a select Bibliography of the DSS.

The photographs I have on my Picture Gallery are scans of original photographs I received from the widow of R.K. Harrison. I believe they are the originals of the plates used in his out-of-print, The Dead Sea Scrolls: An Introduction (New York: Harper and Row, 1961). I also hope to add some of my own pictures of Khirbet Qumran when I have the chance.

I have also made it easy for you to purchase some of the resources I recommend by providing links to (for fellow Canadians) and

(for others) where possible.

I hope you find these resources useful.


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