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I have taught a number of courses over my career. While at Taylor University College I taught over a dozen courses with some regularity. Now that I am at The King's University College, I will be teaching some of the same courses and developing others. I have listed below the courses that I will be teaching at King's and those I have taught at Taylor and have included a link to a PDF of the most recent syllabus.  I also used to develop individual course websites, but now I have migrated those to the Moodle course management system.

King's Course Syllabi

THEO 250 Entering the Story: Introduction to the Bible  pdf
THEO 301 The Strange New World within The Bible: Introduction to Hermeneutics & Method
THEO 310 Brining the Text to Life: Biblical Theological Themes  pdf
THEO 330 Kingdom & Empire: Reading the Historical Books  pdf
THEO 355 The Supremacy of Christ: The Message of Hebrews and General Epistles  pdf
THEO 378 The Gospel according to Hollywood: Religion & Popular Culture  pdf


Old Taylor Course Syllabi

REL 102 Old Testament Literature pdf
REL 200 Introduction to Hermeneutics and Method pdf
REL 221 Genesis pdf
REL 230 Wisdom Literature pdf
REL 235 Prophetic Books
REL 276 Religion & Popular Culture pdf
REL 315 Dead Sea Scrolls pdf
REL 325 Reading the Historical Books pdf
REL 331 The Book of Psalms pdf
REL 400 Advanced Hermeneutics and Religion pdf
REL 465 Biblical Theology pdf
REL 490 Topics (Chronicles and Historiography) pdf
HEB 100A/B Introductory Classical Hebrew pdf
HEB 306 Hebrew Exegesi pdf



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