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A Macintosh Reality Check?

I use both a Windows-PC and a Macintosh every day, but in my heart of heats I am a Macintosh devotee. My brother, who is a Windows nerd and knows my love for Macs, sent me a link to an … Continue reading

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Ultimate Bible Quiz

Gee… I’m so smart! I took the “Ultimate Bible Quiz” and got 100%! (Of course, as a professor of biblical studies, if I took the test and didn’t get 100% I probably wouldn’t advertise it on my blog!!) You know … Continue reading

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I’ve been Blurbed!

Sorry for the self-indulgence, but this is way too cool. I just noticed from Kevin Wilson’s Blue Cord blog that I have been “blurbed” on the back cover of a new edition of Mary Douglas‘s In the Wilderness: The Doctrine … Continue reading

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24: Jack is Back!

As you could probably gather from my Third Annual Ralphies Post, I don’t watch much TV. When I do get into a show, I am rather religious about it. So far this year I have been watching Battlestar Galactica faithfully … Continue reading

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Third Annual Ralphies – Second Annual Codex Edition (Best of 2006)

Welcome to the Third Annual Ralphies — Second Annual Codex Edition. Following the example of Ed Cook (see his posts on music, film and books), traditionally a number of other bloggers follow suit and offer their own “Ralphies.” This year … Continue reading

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My Messy Desk

I have inherited my father’s messy desk. When I was in my teens, I actually bought my father a little plaque that read, “A Clean Desk is the Sign of a Sick Mind.” (When my father died, I looked everywhere … Continue reading

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Christmas Dinner Was A Success

Well, Christmas Day has come and gone and everything went quite well — if I do say so myself. Christmas morning we spend alone, just my wife and the kids. The first thing we do after the kids wake us … Continue reading

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Student Evaluation Feedback

Now that final grades have been submitted, I received a copy of my student evaluations (typed and collated so I don’t know who they are from). The comments were typical (I’m great, they loved the classes, etc. :-)), though this … Continue reading

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Marking Done – Grades Submitted – Need Sleep

Ah, nothing like the end of semester marking push to put someone in the mood for Christmas! Be that as it may, I am now finished (in more ways than one!). Marking is done; grades have been submitted. I am … Continue reading

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Anne Rice’s Adolescent Jesus

I received a kind email the other day from the novelist Anne Rice. It appears that she came to my site looking for information on recent manuscript finds in Israel and wanted to convey thanks for my “interesting articles on … Continue reading

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