God Has A Wonderful Plan for Your Life…

Some more Friday fun:


The “Health and Wealth” gospel at its finest! (at least for Lions)

(HT Brandon Wason)

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7 Responses to God Has A Wonderful Plan for Your Life…

  1. Sarah says:

    Oh, that makes me giggle.

  2. Scott Bailey says:

    LOL. Yep… that’s exactly how I feel right now (as you know)!

  3. Bob Derrenbacker says:

    The sad thing is is that this is (apparently) a “spiritual law” to some…

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  5. Puritan Lad says:

    Excellent. The “American gospel” doesn’t always work does it?

  6. Nik says:

    Sharing a link to a YouTube video that features a health and wealth message by Joel Osteen.

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