Judaikitsch: Tefillin Barbie

While this doesn’t exactly fit my category of “Jesus Junk and Christian Kitsch” with Purim approaching I can’t help but note this piece of Judaikitsch: Tefillin Barbie.


For just under one hundred dollars you can get a barbie complete with tallit and tefillin. This barbie is in style! She’s uncomfortable in a kippah, so she has a nice beret. A siddur and a hefty Steinsaltz gemara are keeping her busy. You can also get a version with a big Torah scroll and a hard-core Vilna Talmud. Oi vey!


Perhaps what Christians need for Easter is a special “Jesus Tomb” doll set with matching ossuaries?

(HT Cross-Currents)

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5 Responses to Judaikitsch: Tefillin Barbie

  1. Michael P. says:

    I know the creator of “Tefillin Barbie” quite well, she lives in my neighborhood and is a very serious ritual scribe. She does beautiful scribal work.

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  3. Paul says:

    The whole get up is a little gender confused but I do believe the “beret” is supposed to be a snood which would make Barbie happily married to a circumcised Ken.

  4. Jen says:

    Michael P – thank you! 🙂

    Paul: It’s a beret, not a snood, and I jolly well ought to know. And Ken famously doesn’t have anything to circumcise!

  5. Panda Rosa says:

    I’ve actually seen a “Risen Christ” playset complete with Jesus standing next to an empty tomb, in a cheesy Christian bookstore, and I swear it looked like a leftover piece from the Lion King playset, kept looking for Simba and Timon behind Him and the rocks.

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