Latest in the Dead Sea Discoveries

I just had a chance to see the July 2006 volume of Dead Sea Discoveries (Volume 13, Issue 2). There are a number of interesting articles in it, especially the ones on “David’s Compositions” and the Qumran cemetery. The contents are as follows:

  • Halpern-Amaru, Betsy. “A Note on Isaac as First-born in Jubilees and Only Son in 4Q225” (pp. 127-133).
  • Noam, Vered. “The Origin of the List of David’s Songs in ‘David’s Compositions'” (pp. 134-149).
  • Popovic, Mladen. “Physiognomic Knowledge in Qumran and Babylonia: Form, Interdisciplinarity, and Secrecy” (pp. 150-176).
  • Reymond, Eric D. “The Poetry of 4Q416 2 III 15-19” (pp. 177-193).
  • Schultz, Brian. “The Qumran Cemetery: 150 Years of Research” (pp. 194-228).
  • Werman, Cana. “Epochs and End-Time: The 490-Year Scheme In Second Temple Literature” (pp. 229-56).

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