Canadian Medical Association Safety Notice

The Canadian Medical Association has announced a new national symbol for choking. Please inform all of the people in your safety department.

Old Symbol


New Symbol


(Sorry Michael, couldn’t resist!)

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4 Responses to Canadian Medical Association Safety Notice

  1. Michael Pahl says:

    Tyler, you couldn’t let sleeping dogs lie, eh? Had to kick us while we’re down, beat a dead horse, and all that. Well, well… What goes around comes around! Nature hath no fury like a Flames fan scorned!

    (Apart from all the clichés, I really have no good response–they blew it!)

  2. Even now I see Nemesis wending her weary way to Edmonton, though … (she’s been busy in New Jersey)

  3. Hey Michael, I have to rub it in while I still can… the way the Oilers are playing, we may be at the golf course pretty soon!

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