Congratulations to James K. Aitken!

JAitken.jpgFinally! I have a winner! My 41,000th visitor is none other than Dr. Jim K. Aitken, Teaching Fellow in Hebrew and Aramaic at University of Cambridge. He is a specialist in Second Temple Judaism, Septuagint, and Greek and Hebrew Lexicography. His doctorate was on Ben Sira and he has been involved in the “Greek Bible in the Graeco-Roman World� project and the Semantics of Ancient Hebrew Database Project. Talk about an über-lexicographer! His personal web page is filled a lot of interesting stuff on lexicography, Septuagint, and more. I strongly encourage you to peruse his site!

I believe I met Jim at the Toronoto SBL meeting when I was with a common friend and fellow Septuaginalist Tim McLay.

In terms of a prize, Jim has requested a copy of the revised edition of Moisés Silva‘s Biblical Words and their Meanings (Revised & Expanded edition; Zondervan, 1995), and I am more than happy to fulfill that request! (I’m just glad that other Jim didn’t win — West would have wanted some esoteric — and expensive — book on some dead Swiss guy called Zwingli!)

Congratulations Jim! (So, when are you going to start your blog?)

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One Response to Congratulations to James K. Aitken!

  1. Jim says:

    I have the perfect book for you to get me- since you brought it up…

    It’s the first edition of Zwingli’s Uber D. Martin Luthers Buch, Bekentnus genant / zwo antwurten. It only costs EURO 15483.87! You can read about- and order it- here

    And thanks!!!! Let me know when you are about to mail it!

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