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Visitor 40,444, Who Are You?

9th April 2006


Today (Sunday 9 April 2006) at 6:17 pm Edmonton time, my 40,444th visitor visited Codex Blogspot. The reader was from Glendale, Arizona. If you think it was you, then email me at codex [at] biblical-studies [dot] com and let me know your IPS and your computer and monitor and we’ll discuss your book prize!

7 Responses to “Visitor 40,444, Who Are You?”

  1. Joe Cathey Says:


    If you don’t get the name from AZ I will gladly be that person for you.

    Best Wishes

  2. Jim Says:

    I once was in Glendale and I grew up in Phoenix. Does that count? I want a prize, dag nabbit.

  3. Chris Weimer Says:

    Perhaps merely a passerby? Almost ironic how the person who would have been a winner might not even show for his reward.

  4. Tyler F. Williams Says:

    I think Chris may be right… that this visitor was just a passerby who came upon this sight via a search for “Greek tattoos.” Perhaps I will have to pick the next individual.

  5. Joe Cathey Says:


    Tyler pick me, pick me! I love books and will give them a good home.

  6. Scott Bailey Says:

    To save you time (and shipping costs) the winner of the last contest could automatically be selected as the winner of this contest! It’s a win win situation.

  7. Chris Weimer Says:

    Since I was right, I think I naturally deserve such a reward! ;)