Hebrew Bible Related Reviews from RBL (12, 19 December 2005 and 8 January 2006)

I have been negligent in my posting of new reviews in the Review of Biblical Literature (bad Tyler!). I almost decided to forego the ones that I missed, but I just couldn’t do it! So here they are in all of their glory — this post brings me up to date.

Take special note of the the review of Hossfeld and Zenger’s new Psalms commentary (I have sung their praises often on this blog), a review of the latest editions of the new French translation of the Septuagint, La Bible d’Alexandrie, as well as Joe Cathey’s review.

Hebrew Bible/Old Testament

  • Britt, Brian. Rewriting Moses: The Narrative Eclipse of the Text. Reviewed by Mark Mcentire
  • Chapman, Cynthia R. The Gendered Language of Warfare in the Israelite-Assyrian Encounter Reviewed by Mayer Gruber
  • Eschelbach, Michael A. Has Joab Foiled David?: A Literary Study of the Importance of Joab’s Character in Relation to David Reviewed by Regine Hunziker-Rodewald
  • Fischer, Irmtraud (Translated by Linda Maloney). Women Who Wrestled with God: Biblical Stories of Israel’s Beginnings. Reviewed by Athalya Brenner
  • Freedman, Amelia Devin. God as an Absent Character in Biblical Hebrew Narrative: A Literary-Theoretical Study. Reviewed by Walter Brueggemann
  • Gass, Erasmus. Die Ortsnamen des Richterbuchs in historicher und redaktioneller Perspektive. Reviewed by Uwe Becker and Ernst A. Knauf
  • Grabbe, Lester L. and Alice Ogden Bellis, eds. The Priests in the Prophets: The Portrayal of Priests, Prophets and Other Religious Specialists in the Latter Prophets. Reviewed by Henrietta Wiley
  • Hossfeld, Frank-Lothar and Erich Zenger (Edited by Klaus Baltzer; translated by Linda M. Maloney). Psalms 2: A Commentary on Psalms 51-100. Reviewed by Thomas Kraus
  • Lessing, R. Reed. Interpreting Discontinuity: Isaiah’s Tyre Oracle. Reviewed by W. A. M. Beuken and John Engle.
  • Lo, Alison Job 28 as Rhetoric: An Analysis of Job 28 in the Context of Job 21-31. Reviewed by Leo Perdue
  • Lohfink, Norbert. Studien zum Deuteronomium und zur deuteronomistischen Literatur V. Reviewed by Anselm Hagedorn
  • Moatti-Fine, Jacqueline and Isabelle Assan-Dhote, eds. La Bible d’Alexandrie: Baruch, Lamentations, Lettre de Jérémie. Reviewed by Innocent Himbaza
  • Rogerson, John (Edited by M. Daniel Carroll R). Theory and Practice in Old Testament Ethics. Reviewed by Denis Müller
  • Simundson, Daniel J. Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah. Reviewed by Joseph Cathey
  • Wright, Richard M. Linguistic Evidence for the Pre-Exilic Date of the Yahwistic Source. Reviewed by Christoph Levin

Second Temple

  • Anderson, Robert T. and Terry Giles. Tradition Kept: The Literature of the Samaritans. Reviewed by Stefan Schorch
  • Aune, David E., Torrey Seland, and Jarl Henning Ulrichsen, eds. Neotestamentica et Philonica: Studies in Honor of Peder Borgen. Reviewed by Gregory Sterling
  • Barclay, John M. G., ed. Negotiating Diaspora: Jewish Strategies in the Roman Empire. Reviewed by Pablo Torijano Morales and Allen Kerkeslager
  • Efthimiadis-Keith, Helen. The Enemy is Within: A Jungian Psychoanalytic Approach to the Book of Judith. Reviewed by D. Kille
  • Regev, Eyal. Ha-tsdukim ve-hilkhatam [The Sadducess and Their Halakah]: al dat ve-hevrah bi-me bayit sheni [Religion and Society in the Second Temple Period]. Reviewed by Sagit Mor
  • Runia, David T. On the Creation of the Cosmos according to Moses: Introduction, Translation and Commentary. Reviewed by Claudio Zamagni


  • Barmash, Pamela. Homicide in the Biblical World. Reviewed by Assnat Bartor
  • Foster, Benjamin R. Before the Muses: An Anthology of Akkadian Literature. Reviewed by Alan Lenzi
  • Hill, Robert C., trans. Diodore of Tarsus: Commentary on Psalms 1-51. Reviewed by Martin Albl and Human Dirk
  • Moore, Stephen and Fernando F. Segovia, eds. Postcolonial Biblical Criticism: Interdisciplinary Intersections. Reviewed by Jeffrey Staley
  • Schertz, Mary H. and Ivan Friesen, eds. Beautiful Upon the Mountains: Biblical Essays on Mission, Peace, and the Reign of God. Reviewed by Christoph Stenschke
  • Stichele, Caroline Vander and Todd Penner, eds. Her Master’s Tools?: Feminist and Postcolonial Engagements of Historical-Critical Discourse. Reviewed by Mary Coloe
  • West, Gerald O. and Musa W. Dube, eds. The Bible in Africa: Transactions, Trajectories and Trends. Reviewed by Alistair Wilson
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