Move over Atkins… the “Jesus Diet” is Here!

I came across a reference to the “Jesus Diet” while reading the comments from Ed Cook’s blog entry on “Fat Yanks” and I couldn’t believe it!

The “Jesus diet” consists of (1) no pork; (2) a lot of fish and kosher foods generally; (3) “four legged meat” only occasionally; (4) lots and lots of bread (no low carb diets for Jesus!); (5) fruits, vegetables, grains, etc.; (6) good physical condition; and (7) [ample amounts of] beer and diluted wine.

I personally could lose some weight, so I was thinking I should cash in on the trend and start my own “biblical” diet craze. I was thinking about the “John the Baptist Diet” where you can eat all the locusts and honey you can handle. Or what about the “Ezekiel Dung Cooking Diet”? I imagine that if you had to cook all your meals over human dung, you would eat less! How about the “Holy Land Milk and Honey Diet”?

As you can see, my biblical diet craze still requires some more thought. I’ll have to ponder it over some beer and wings…

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