Hebrew Bible Related Reviews from RBL (12 September 2005)

The latest edition of the Review of Biblical Literature has a number of Hebrew Bible related reviews, as well as some other relevant reviews in the area of hermeneutics and Septuagint studies. Noteworthy are the two reviews of M. Christine Tetley’s The Reconstructed Chronology of the Divided Kingdom. The eight-page review by Andrew Steinmann is quite thorough and uncovers a number of faulty assumptions in Tetley’s work, while Jennifer Singletary’s review also highlights some methodological problems. It appears that the mysterious numbers of the Hebrew kings are still a mystery!

  • T. J. Betts, Ezekiel the Priest: Custodian of Tora. Reviewed by Brandon Fredenburg
  • Irmtraud Fischer; translated by Linda Maloney, Women Who Wrestled with God: Biblical Stories of Israel’s Beginnings. Reviewed by Yael Shemesh
  • M. Christine Tetley, The Reconstructed Chronology of the Divided Kingdom. Reviewed by Jennifer Singletary and Andrew Steinmann
  • Josephus; Translated by Étienne Nodet, Les Antiquités Juives: Livres VIII et IX. Reviewed by René Bloch
  • William Loader, The Septuagint, Sexuality, and the New Testament: Case Studies on the Impact of the LXX in Philo and the New Testament. Reviewed by Mark McEntire
  • Brian K. Blount, Can I Get a Witness?: Reading Revelation through African American Culture. Reviewed by Danielle Sigler
  • Brown, Michael Joseph, Blackening the Bible: The Aims of African American Biblical Scholarship. Reviewed by Danielle Sigler
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