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Epics of the Old Testament DVD Box Set Released

17th August 2005

Strap on your sword and sandals, VCI Entertainment has just released Epics of the Old Testament. This Old Testament Collection includes four great titles never before available in DVD format: Great Leaders of the Bible, Joseph and His Brethren, Saul and David, and Jacob the Man who Fought with God. It even includes a bonus feature: Genesis!

The four films here are great examples of sword & sandal epics (which means they are entertaining but certainly did not win any awards!). Joseph and His Brethren is pretty good (It’ll be interesting to see if include the seduction-attempt scene in this version, as it is missing from other copies). Great Leaders of the Bible is perhaps the best in the set, while Saul and David is alright. I haven’t seen Jacob the Man who Fought with God. The box-set also includes a film called Genesis. This could be the 1964 film directed by Michael B. Druxman, though I am not sure.

You can purchase the box set (Buy from or or buy them individually:

  • Jacob, The Man Who Fought with God [I Patriarchi della Bibbia] (Director: Marcello Baldi, 1963).
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  • Joseph and His Brethren (Director: Irving Rapper and Luciano Ricci, 1960).
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  • Saul and David (Director: Marcello Baldi, 1964).
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  • Great Leaders of the Bible (Samson and Gideon) [Grandi condottieri I] (Director: Marcello Baldi, 1965).
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