Politicization of the City of David

The Jewish Exponent has just published an Op-Ed piece by Jonathan S. Tobin that politicizes the recent discovery in the City of David excavations. Here is an excerpt that takes academics to task:

“Now, the Stones Will Speak”
Discovery offers glimpse of both ancient Israel and the travails of the modern state.

But though few in this country outside of academia have noticed, the notion of Israel being the historical homeland of the Jewish people has been under attack from far more reputable sources. In recent decades, a new front in the war on Israel was opened in intellectual journals and classrooms. Its goal? To trash the notion that the Bible’s accounts of the history of ancient Israel have the slightest value, and to debunk the idea that the United Kingdom of David ever existed.

For a growing number of academics and intellectuals, King David and his kingdom, which has served for 3,000 years as an integral symbol of the Jewish nation, is simply a piece of fiction.

But last week, the debunkers of Jewish history got some bad news. And all it took was for a dedicated archaeologist to start digging.

It is never a dull day…

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