Good First Impressions: Stuttgart Electronic Study Bible

SESBI just received my copy of the Stuttgart Electronic Study Bible (SESB), and let’s just say that so far I am very impressed.

The SESB is a must-have addition to Logos Bible Software for students and scholars of the Bible. A co-production of the German Bible Society and the Bible Society of the Netherlands, this add-in contains a robust set of texts and advanced tools for working with the Greek, Hebrew, and Latin biblical texts, including the WIVU database for BHS, as well as the critical apparatuses for both BHS and Nestle-Aland 27.

Old Testament scholars should especially take note of this package because of the inclusion of the WIVU database for the Hebrew Bible, developed by the Werkgroep Informatica at the Free University of Amsterdam. This database allows complex searches not only of the morphology of the Hebrew text, but also various syntactical features at the phrase and clause level. Very impressive!

As of the date of this post, Logos Bible Software is currently the exclusive distributor for SESB in North America; readers elsewhere should contact the German Bible Society).

Stay tuned for an in-depth review in my Software for Biblical Studies pages.

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