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According to the Holy Bible, we should train our kids on the path we want them to take. This is obviously the right path. In fact, this article will be more about integrating your homeschool schedule with Bible study. Ensure you create a year-round homeschool schedule that will run from the start of the school year through the end.

This article will help parents or guardians normalize combining biblical topics of interest with their kids’ curriculum. So what are the ways to integrate Bible study with their homeschool curriculum?

Train Your Kids on How to Use Their Bibles

Well, the first step in Bible study is getting familiar with what you’ll study. So you should start training your kids at a tender age to use their Bibles. First, they should know the Old and New Testaments. Then, you can use the Bible for the basics of their homeschooling routine; how to read and write, practicing handwriting, copy work, among other basics of learning.

Using the Bible for all the basics of your kids’ homeschool routine is an excellent starting point in getting them familiar with the Bible. Fortunately, there are tons of excellent children’s Bibles that you can use for this purpose.

A recommended one is “The Child’s Story Bible” and “The Beginner’s Bible: Timeless Children’s Stories”.

Use a Bible-based Curriculum

It’s not hard to create bible lessons since you can readily find them on the internet. But, getting a year-round Bible-based curriculum can do wonders, especially when it’s a Bible-based curriculum on a particular subject. This curriculum can be used to supplement your homeschool lessons or as stand-alone teaching material.

Mix School Subjects With Bible Lessons

Instead of a conventional creative writing lesson, you can teach a creative writing class on a scriptural character as the subject of your literature study. You can instruct your homeschooler to research the period that character existed and what was going on with that subject of interest during that period.

You can also mix subjects such as mathematics with Bible lessons. A good instance is instructing your homeschooler to count the number of times Jesus appears in a particular book in the new testament. To teach your homeschooler basic science, you can resort to the book of Genesis. In other words, you will be using the Bible as teaching material for school subjects. If you can keep this up with several subjects all year round, you’ve effectively incorporated bible study with their homeschool curriculum.

Use a Bible Commentary

Simplicity is the essence of teaching. It’s common knowledge that the Bible can be complex for adults to grasp sometimes. It will be a fiasco to teach with the Bible when you don’t fully understand what’s there, and it will be a bigger fiasco when your kid asks questions for clarification, and you can’t give them an answer.

You don’t have to be a Bible scholar to teach with the Bible, but you can use a good Bible commentary to aid you. Bible scholars published Bible commentaries, and they have already done the work of simplifying its contents.

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