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Effective Ways to Integrate Bible Study With Your Homeschool Curriculum

According to the Holy Bible, we should train our kids on the path we want them to take. This is obviously the right path. In fact, this article will be more about integrating your homeschool schedule with Bible study. Ensure you create a year-round homeschool schedule that will run from the start of the school year through the end.
This article will help parents or guardians normalize combining biblical topics of interest with their kids’ curriculum. So what are the ways to integrate Bible study with their homeschool …

CBD Oil: What Is It and Is It Okay for Christians to Use?

CBD oil in Canada is trendy nowadays because it is believed to be an effective treatment for symptoms that lead to ongoing physical pain. This does not limited to physical illnesses. This also cures some symptoms of depression. This is now available all over Canada since multiple companies are now producing CBD oil.  Although CBD oil and the famous CBD cream are chemicals made from cannabis plants, Christians consider their use because of their known effectiveness.
The question is, is it okay for Christians to use it, although …