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Search & Retrieval Software for Biblical Studies

This section highlights some of the major software packages for biblical studies, i.e., the actual search engines or electronic text retrieval software that make it possible to access the growing number of electronic texts available.

Many of these programs are available in different configurations depending what sort of resources you want available. Please note that this survey is by no means exhaustive. In addition, I note some discipline-specific software in the Biblical Hebrew, Dead Sea Scrolls, and Septuagint sections of this site.

I welcome any and all comments.

Accordance Bible Software

Accordance Bible Software, developed by OakTree Software, is without doubt the premier software package for serious Bible study and research available for any computer platform. It has many strengths, including the ease one can perform complex grammatical searches in the original languages. At the heart of Accordance is a robust -- yet easy to use -- search engine.

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BibleWorks is perhaps the top original languages Bible software program on the Windows platform. It comes with a huge variety of grammatically tagged Greek, Hebrew, and Septuagint Bibles, as well as an impressive number of translations in English, German, Spanish, among others.
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Pradis: Zondervan Bible Study Library

ZondervanThe Zondervan Bible Study Library is a Bible software package geared more for pastors and lay users (though they also have a "scholar's" edition, though this title is somewhat of a misnomer). It is powered by Pradis, a program that combines an intuitive interface with a responsive search engine.

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Logos Bible Software

LogosLogos Bible Software, developed by Logos Research Systems, Inc., is one of the clear favourites for the Windows platform. What sets it apart from other biblical studies software is the sheer number of electronic texts and resources available with this system. But Logos is more than just an electronic text retrieval program.

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QuickVerse Bible Software
QuickVerseQuickVerse Bible Software, like Pradis, is a Bible software package geared for pastors and lay users. What sets QuickVerse apart from most other software packages is the variety of platforms it is available for.
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GramcordGRAMCORD is a powerful -- and economical -- Bible research program for Greek and Hebrew original language texts and many modern English Bibles. In addition, it includes parallel Greek/Hebrew/English Bibles abilities, word concordances, Greek/Hebrew lexicons and dictionaries, and a few related Bible study tools.

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