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Charts and Handouts Relating to the Study of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible

Annotated Guide to the Old Testament | OT Commentary Survey | Charts & Handouts

Over the years of teaching Biblical Studies I have developed a number of charts and handouts for students, some of which I make available below. Please feel free to use and distribute them, though I ask that you do not modify them or remove the credit notice. In addition, I would like to know that you found a resource useful, so please email me and let me know if that is the case! (You can email me at

Get AcrobatSince I used various programs to make the handouts (including Quark XPress, Photoshop, MS Word, etc.), I have made them available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. You will need at least Acrobat Reader 5 to view these files. You may download a free copy from




The Old Testament Story Chart (66k)

Chronological Table of Israel's History (38k)

Second Temple History Chart (39k)

The Canons of the Old Testament (15k)

Apocrypha & Pseudepigrapha in the DSS (14k)

History of the Old Testament Text (23k)



The Panel Structure of Genesis 1 (9k)

The Toledot Outline of the Book of Genesis (23k)

The Structure of the Abraham Cycle (27k)

The Structure of Genesis 16 (11k)

The Decalogue and the Deuteronomic Laws (11k)


Historical Books

The Plot and Structure of the Book of Ruth (11k)


Wisdom and Poetic Books

The Compilation of the Book of Psalms (13k)

A Form-Critical Breakdown of the Psalms (65k)

The Shape of the Psalter (11k)

The Capable Wife according to Proverbs 31 (24k)


Prophetic Books

A Guide to Prophetic Forms (22k)