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Reference Works

There are innumerable reference works to the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible. I will highlight a few more recent works that I believe are excellent aids to the study of the Bible.

(Note: I have included one-volume commentaries below; for commentaries on single books of the OT/HB please see my OT Commentary Survey.


  • BHSDavid Noel Freedman, ed., The Anchor Bible Dictionary (6 Volume Set; Doubleday, 1992). This is the standard multivolume dictionary of the Bible. It is the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and authoritative reference work in the field, with over 6,000 entries as well as tables, charts and diagrams, photographs and illustrations. An essential to use, if not to own. Buy from | Buy from

    This great resource is also available on CD-ROM: Buy CD-ROM from | Buy CD-ROM from
  • International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (ISBE) (Revised version; Eerdmans, 1979, 1995). This is the most up-to-date multi-volume Bible encyclopedia written by conservative scholars. It's characterized by careful and contemporary scholarship and a wealth of illustrations. An excellent resource. (N.B. This is not the public domain 1915 edition of ISBE that comes free with many Bible software programs). Buy from | Buy from
  • BHSDavid Noel Freedman, Allen C. Myers, and Astrid B. Beck, eds., Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible (Eerdmans, 2000). I wrote a number of entries for this excellent one-volume dictionary of the Bible. Broadly evangelical in perspective; represents the best of biblical scholarship. Buy from | Buy from
  • Paul J. Achtemeier, ed., HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised & Updated edition; HarperSanFrancisco, 1996). Sponsored by the Society of Biblical Literature, this work represents the best of biblical scholarship. Buy from | Buy from
  • D.R.W. Wood, A.R. Millard, J.I. Packer, D.J. Wiseman, and I. Howard Marshall, eds., New Bible Dictionary (3rd edition; InterVarsity, 1996). One of the best evangelical dictionaries available. Buy from | Buy from

One-Volume Commentaries

  • James D. G. Dunn and John W. Rogerson, eds., Eerdmans Commentary on the Bible (Eerdmans, 2003). A quality one-volume commentary from a broadly evangelical perspective. Buy from | Buy from
  • D.A. Carson, R.T. France, J.A. Motyer, and G.J. Wenham, eds., New Bible Commentary: 21st Century Edition (4th edition; InterVarsity, 1994). One of the best evangelical one-volume commentaries available. Buy from | Buy from
  • James L. Mays, ed., HarperCollins Bible Commentary (Revised edition; HarperSanFrancisco, 2000). Sponsored by the Society of Biblical Literature, this work represents the best of biblical scholarship. Buy from | Buy from Amazon.comBHS
  • Raymond Edward Brown, Joseph A. Fitzmyer, and Roland Edmund Murphy, eds., The New Jerome Biblical Commentary (Prentice Hall, 1989). Represents the best of Catholic scholarship; includes commentaries on the Apocryphal books. Buy from | Buy from


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