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Leningrad CodexThe Old Testament/Hebrew Bible is an amazing collection of thirty-nine books (according to Protestant reckoning) written and compiled by dozens of authors over hundreds of years ending over two millenia ago. It includes an amazing variety of types of literature: historical narratives, prophetic books, proverbs, short stories, prayers, love poetry, apocalyptic writings, and more! More than that, it is also considered Holy Scripture by both Jews and Christians today.

Having taught Old Testament/Hebrew Bible in both university and seminary contexts for over a decade, I have developed a number of resources for my students. I have included many of them here to encourage anyone interested in studying the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible.

These pages will bring together a number of resources for the study and interpretation of the OT/HB. I have included an Annotated Guide to the Study of the OT that covers select areas of OT/HB research (including online resources), a number of Charts & Handouts I have developed for my courses, as well as an Old Testament Commentary Survey that gives some guidance in purchasing some of the best commentaries for preaching and teaching.

I have also made it easy for you to purchase some of the resources I recommend by providing links to (for fellow Canadians) and (for others) where possible.

I hope you find these resources useful.


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