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The Book of Job
OT Commentary Survey - Wisdom & Psalms

The book of Job is a powerful counterbalance to the retribution theology found throughout the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. The book isn't so much concerned to answer the question of why the righteous suffer, but rather it answers the question, who knows why they suffer. One of the most convincing ways to approach the book of Job is offered by Habel. He views the book as revolving around a legal metaphor where Job is bringing a lawsuit against Yahweh. I highly recommend his commentary. Other great volumes on Job geared more for the scholar/teacher include Clines, Pope (a wealth of information), and Whybray.

Pastors and interested lay people will want to make sure to consult Habel, as well as Hartley, Simudsen, and Janzen. Finally, I cannot say enough about Gutiâerrez's brief work. It is a must-read.