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OT Commentary Survey - Pentateuch

The book of Numbers will not supplant the book of Psalms at the heart of Christian or Jewish devotion. Be that as it may, there have been a number of significant commentaries written on Numbers in recent years. Milgrom, Levine, and Budd are all outstanding critical commentaries on this book. Pastors will want to make sure to check out Olson's theologically astute work, which builds upon his earlier monograph, The Death of the Old and the Birth of the New: The Framework of the Book of Numbers and the Pentateuch (1985). Other good commentaries geared for pastors include Ashley, Harrison (not much theological reflection in either two, however), Sakenfeld, Sherwood, and Cole. More conservative readers will appreciate Ashley, Harrison, and Cole. On a more popular level, Wenham's volume is excellent, and Gane is worth a look.


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