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The OT on Film: Select Bibliography

There are a number of books written on the Bible and film, including a number devoted to the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible on film. These works range from scholarly treatments to more popular engagements.

An invaluable resource for the development of these pages has been Jon Solomon's The Ancient World in the Cinema (Yale, 2001). I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in the portrayal of the Greco-Roman and biblical worlds in film:

In addition, I have also relied on Herbert Verreth's manuscript De Oudheid in Film, Fimografie (2003) to double-check some entries, as well as Richard H. Campbell and Michael R. Pitts, The Bible on Film: A Checklist, 1897-1980 (Scarecrow Press, 1981). Finally, a pretty good informative documentary on the Bible and film is Dye's The Bible According to Hollywood:

  • The Bible According to Hollywood (Phillip Dye, 1994).
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