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LXX Internet & Computer Resources

There are a number of great computer and internet resources for the study of the LXX.

Two basic tools for computer-assisted LXX research are:

  • Septuaginta/Greek Septuagint. Based on the text of Rahlfs's LXX, this fully searchable database includes the Kraft/Taylor/Wheeler Septuagint Morphology Database v. 3.01 with lemma and grammatical tagging information for each word in the text (and English glosses, though implementation differs between software packages).
  • Emanuel Tov, Parallel Aligned Hebrew-Aramaic and Greek Texts of Jewish Scripture. This Hebrew/Aramaic and Septuagint Parallel Database is a specialized tool that displays every word of the Hebrew Bible in parallel with its corresponding Septuagint Greek word with basic text-critical annotations. It is based on the Michigan-Claremont BHS consonantal text and the TLG LXX, created by the CATSS project under the direction of E. Tov. An earier text version of this tool is available from CCAT's gopher site.

Both of these tools are available for Accordance Bible Software (MacOS) or Logos Bible Software (Windows). For more information about these software packages, please see my Software for Biblical Studies page.

While the web is ever growing and changing, the following links provide a wealth of resources for LXX study:


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