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Topical Studies on the Septuagint
There are a number of more specialized studies on aspects of Septuagint studies. Below I have included a few more recent publications that deal with the significance of the LXX for the Hebrew Bible, for the New Testament, and issues of Canon.

BHSThere are a number of texts that deal with the relevance of the LXX for the study of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. These tend to focus on text-critical issues, i.e., how to use the LXX (which is one of the earliest witnesses to the original text of the Hebrew Bible) to reconstruct the text of the Hebrew Bible.

  • Ralph W Klein, Textual criticism of the Old Testament: The Septuagint after Qumran (Guides to Biblical scholarship: Old Testament series; Fortress Press, 1974). Buy from | Buy from
  • Emanuel Tov, Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible (2nd revised edition; Fortress Press, 2001). While not exclusive to the LXX, Tov has a significant discussion of the use of the LXX in textual criticism. Buy from | Buy from
The LXX is also extremely significant for the study of the New Testament. Canadian Septuagint scholar Timothy McLay has recently published a work that deals specifically with this topic. I highly recommend it:

For Christians the LXX has special significance since it appears quite clear that the LXX was the Bible of the early church and the place of the Septuagint in relation to the Christian Canon has been debated ever since. A good discussion of the intricacies of this issue has just been published by the noted international scholar Martin Hengel:

  • Martin Hengel, Roland Deines, Robert Hanhart, The Septuagint As Christian Scripture: Its Prehistory and the Problem of its Canon (Baker Academic, 2004). Buy from | Buy from


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