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שלום Shalom!

Leningrad CodexWelcome to Codex: Resources for Biblical, Theological, and Religious Studies. This site is maintained by Tyler F. Williams, Assistant Professor of Theology at The King's University College, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

co·dex (kō'deks). A codex (Latin for book; plural codices) is a handwritten book from late Antiquity or the Middle Ages preferred for its ease of use over the scroll. It was the favoured format for early Christian writings. The image to the right is a carpet page from the Leningrad Codex, the earliest complete edition of the Hebrew Bible, dated to 1010 CE.




Biblical & Theological Resources

Hosea scrollThis site brings together a number of resources related to my teaching and research interests, including Old Testament, classical Hebrew, Dead Sea Scrolls, Septuagint, biblical studies software, the Bible & film, religion & popular culture, biblical interpretation and hermeneutics, among other things related to the academic study of the Bible. This site also houses my Old Testament Commentary Survey and my Bible on Film pages. I have also made it easy for you to purchase some of the resources I recommend on my different pages by providing links to (for fellow Canadians) and (for others) where possible.

I hope you find these pages helpful.

Teaching & Learning

TKUCThis is also my instructional site for students of my classes at The King's University College, where I am Assistant Professor of Theology (Biblical Studies). 

From this site, students have access to the Moodle site that I use to augment my courses, as well as a host of other learning resources related to my teaching interests. 

N.B. For information on recent updates to this site, check out my blogspot, where I will also post my musings on Biblical Studies, Hebrew, Dead Sea Scrolls, Septuagint, popular culture, and pretty much anything else that interests me!

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