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Photographs & Facsimile Editions of the DSS

When scholars are discussing various Dead Sea Scrolls, it iis difficult to visualize exactly what they are talking about. In addition, while few scholars may gain access to the actual scrolls, high resolution photographs of all of the Scrolls and artifacts discovered are also available in two Microfiche editions.

(You may also want to check out the computer editions listed here).

  • Emanuel Tov and Stephen J. Pfann, eds., The Dead Sea Scrolls on Microfiche: A Comprehensive Facsimile Edition of the Texts from the Judaean Desert (Brill, 1997). This is the definitive edition of the Dead Sea Scrolls. It includes photographs all the available manuscripts from the Judaean Desert. Although the great majority of the photographs pertain to the discoveries in the caves of Qumran itself, many other important sites are covered by this comprehensive edition, including Wadi ed-Daliyeh, Wadi Murabba'at, Khirbet Mird, Nahal Hever, and Masada. The edition contains some high quality photographs, many of which have never been published before. Buy from | Buy from
  • Emanuel Tov and Stephen J. Pfann, eds., Companion Volume to the Dead Sea Scrolls on Microfiche Edition (Brill, 1997). This volume is a remarkably valuable reference tool for research on the Dead Sea Scrolls. It provides a comprehensive list of all the texts discovered in the Judean Desert by number and name, as well as a chronological summary of the discoveries and major publications. It also includes articles on the archaeological sites where texts or artifacts have been found, the photography of the Scrolls, as well as a chronological list of the negatives, an extract from the early photographer's log book, and an extensive bibliography. Published originally as part of the Dead Sea Scrolls Facsimile Edition on Microfiche, this volume is also available as a separate publication. Buy from | Buy from
  • George J. Brooke, in collaboration with Helen K. Bond, The Allegro Qumran Photograph Collection on Microfiche (Brill, 1996). This microfiche edition of photographs contains prints of all the black-and-white negatives in the Allegro Qumran Photograph Archive in the Manchester Museum. The originals were taken by John M. Allegro between 1955 and 1962. Several colour photographs are also represented in black and white. The several hundred photographs are arranged in four categories: archaeology, biographical pictures (of those involved in the Qumran excavations and the decipherment of the scrolls), the Copper Scroll, and other photographs of documents from Qumran and elsewhere. Buy from | Buy from


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