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Guide to the Dead Sea Scrolls
DSSThe Dead Sea Scrolls have generated more public interest than most subjects that interest scholars. From the intrigue surrounding their discovery to the conspiracy theories surrounding their publication. While it is expected that such things would be fodder for magazines such as the World Weekly News, this sensationalism has also entered into many books printed by reputable publishers. It is with this in mind that I produced this "Annotated Guide to the Dead Sea Scrolls." Among the many sensational books, there are many good solid works published on the scrolls; I will highlight some of them in this Guide.

This Guide highlights some of the best English resources for the study of the Dead Sea Scrolls, including texts and translations, introductions, reference works, Archaeology and Qumran, the Scrolls and the Hebrew Bible, and the Scrolls and Christianity, among other topics.

The Scrolls, Christianity, and Messianism

It didn't take long after the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls for scholars to explore the significance of the scrolls for understanding Jesus and Christianity. Unfortunately, it also didn't take long for some pretty wild views about the scrolls and Christianity to be popularized. No matter what you have heard, there are no fragments of the New Testament among the scrolls and it is very, very, unlikely that any of the scrolls make reference to Jesus. Putting aside the sensational theories, there are a number of solid resources that deal with the connection between the scrolls and Christianity.

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The DSS and the Hebrew Bible

The significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls for the study of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible is enormous. Not only do some of the scrolls provides us with the earliest Hebrew manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible, others provide a window into the earliest interpretation of the books that make up the Old Testament.

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