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If you’re an established blogger who knows your way around the biblical studies related blogs (dare I say, "biblioblog"), you may volunteer to host a future Biblical Studies Carnival. Email the coordinator either at biblical_studies_carnival AT or at the email noted in the footer.

Please note that the Carnival coordinator has absolute discretion in approving, assigning and scheduling Carnival hosts. Hosting requires some work, but it also highlights your own blog in the process. The goal is to rotate the Carnivals among a variety of different people.

The only additional requirement is to ensure that full contact details for the next host are included in your Carnival and to send the coordinator an email immediately after posting the Carnival so that this page can be kept up to date.

Some Hosting Tips

Hosting a carnival takes a fair amount of work, though I have found it very rewarding. If you work ahead and are vigilant in nominating good posts you read throughout the month, then it is far easier. Here are some tips and instructions.

1. Advertise the Upcoming Carnival

You should make sure to advertise the carnival on your own blog a couple times before you upload it. It works out great to mention the fact you are hosting the next carnival when you post on the carnival just before yours. I also find that a mid month reminder and a "last call" a few days before also help.

2. Include All Necessary Information

The following information should be in your announcement posts:

  • The scope of the carnival (academic biblical studies and cognate areas hosted in X month and year)
  • A link to the Blog Carnival submission page ( and mention of the BSC email address ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
  • You should also mention what sort of information you need emailed (title and permalink URL of the blog post, author's name, a short summary of the blog post, "Biblical Studies Carnival [number]" in the subject line of the email, and the submitter's name and email address, etc.).
  • A link to the Biblical Studies Carnival homepage for more information

3. Manage Submissions

When you start putting together the Carnival, you can pick up submissions from the hotmail account (submissions from Blog Carnival also are directed to the hotmail account) with the following id: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (I will send you the account password). Most submissions come near the end of the month, unless you make a concerted effort to submit stuff yourself. I usually try to submit stuff as I read it, but when I get busy I tend to neglect my blogging.

If you do not usually read a lot of biblical studies blogs, you may want to check out the blogroll at or the biblioblog top 50 blog.

4. Write Your Carnival

How you want to organize your carnival is up to you -- be as creative as you want. Make sure to include permalinks to all articles mentioned.

If you are not sure about the appropriateness of a post, feel free to deal with it yourself or contact me. It is always good to email the person who nominated the post and let them know why it isn't appropriate (not biblical studies, not academic, etc.).

At the bottom of your post, make sure to indicate who is hosting the next Carnival. You can get the information from the BSC homepage

5. Post Your Carnival

When you are about to post your carnival (or immediately after you upload it), let me know so I can update the various pages associated with the Carnival.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.

-Tyler Williams

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