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Yahweh’s (Inexplicable?) Response to Job

One of the most marvelous passages of Scripture in the Tanak is found at the end of the book of Job where Yahweh (surprisingly) responds to Job from the whirlwind (Job 38:1-42:6).  I’ve tended to understand Yahweh’s reply to Job … Continue reading

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Yahweh – a Moral Monster?

[One day I will like to explore this issue more. Last year I taught a course on the Bible and violence and I know I raised more questions for the students than provided solutions! Originally posted 07/2008] One of the … Continue reading

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Disturbing Divine Behaviour

As a follow up to my last post, I wanted to put a plug in for a recently published book that also explores the difficult issue of the violent portrayal of God in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament — a book … Continue reading

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My Ways Are Not Your Ways: The Violent Portrayal of God in the Hebrew Bible

There was a fascinating conference sponsored by the University of Notre Dame Center for Philosophy of Religion at the beginning of September. The title of the conference was, “My Ways Are Not Your Ways: The Character of the God of … Continue reading

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Finding God in The Shack

If you haven’t heard of the popular novel The Shack (Buy from |, then you must have been living in a cave for the last two years. William P. Young’s bestselling novel about a man’s encounter with the … Continue reading

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Yahweh – A Moral Monster? Not According to Copan

As I mentioned in my previous post, Yahweh – A Moral Monster?, I wanted to interact with Paul Copan’s article written in response to the views of the so-called “new atheists.” In this post I will review Copan’s article, “Is … Continue reading

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Providence, Luck, and God’s Sovereignty (or lack thereof)

I commend to my readers Chris Heard’s thoughful post, “As luck would have it, God was with us.” Tags: Providence

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The Costly Loss of Lament for the Church

I have been working on this post for a week. Actually, I haven’t really been working on it for a week; this post has been sitting as a draft in WordPress as I have been avoiding it in light of … Continue reading

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Go Up Baldy: The Curse of Baldness

Claude Mariottini, in a post on the “Old Testament and Baldness” linked to an article from the Mail & Guardian by Nicholas Lezard on The Horror of Going Bald. As one who at forty years still has a thick, lush, … Continue reading

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