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Five Books/Scholars that Shaped My Reading of the Bible

I have been tagged in the popularĀ  “Five Books” meme and since I want to return to blogging more regularly, I figured I would add my five to the growing list of biblical studies blogs that have responded to the … Continue reading

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How to Teach Introductory Classical Hebrew

How should professors teach introductory Classical Hebrew? That is the question that two recent online articles attempt to answer or at least discuss — and they approach the question from quite different perspectives. The first article by Rahel Halabe is … Continue reading

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Sex and Language?

For the connection between Biblical Hebrew and Greek and the joy of sex, see here. I can’t say my experiences learning biblical languages were anywhere near as bad (I do recall being very intimidated when I sat down the first … Continue reading

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Raising the Language Bar for Seminary Studies

John Hobbins, in a couple of posts over at the ever-insightful Ancient Hebrew Poetry blog, has rightly lamented the state of language training in North American seminaries. The sad reality is that even those seminarians who take biblical languages end … Continue reading

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Colbert on Modern University Education and An Inconvenient Truth

Last week Stephen Colbert responded to the news report of a college student refusing to watch Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth (Davis Guggenheim, 2006) because he “didn’t believe in it.” All educators will want to watch Stephen’s response. It’s hilarious! … Continue reading

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Improving Your Academic Writing

Angela Roskop Erisman of Imaginary Grace blogspot (a fairly new one which I was not aware of, but now have added it to my blogroll) has a great post on “Writing in Biblical Studies.” Here is her lead-in to an … Continue reading

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HBRW WTHT VWLS GN (Hebrew Without Vowels Again)

In line with this previous post about how to get across to students that Biblical Hebrew was originally written without vowel indicators, I found this great example over at Davar Akher: Th lphbt s hrd t mstr; Rdng bck t … Continue reading

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Class Attendance on the Decline

Chris Heard over at Higgaion pointed out a recent article in Inside Higher Ed about declining university class attendance. The article provides a bunch of data — quantitative and qualitative — about the decline in class attendance at American universities … Continue reading

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Classroom Etiquette — Or Lack Thereof!

The Constructive Curmudgeon, aka Douglas Groothuis, has a post about the “Rude Things Students Do.” In some ways the list is quite the eye-opener. I’ve definitely had some rude students in my decade of teaching, but I’ve never had students … Continue reading

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All Finished!

I am finished (in more ways than one!). I am going to enjoy a nice bike ride into the University now and submit my final grades. I still have to decide what I will do tonight to celebrate… but now … Continue reading

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