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2007 Rugby World Cup Tickets On Sale

9th November 2006

RugbyCanada.jpgSo, if you are thinking of buying me a Christmas present, you can always buy me some tickets to the 2007 Rugby World Cup since tickets go on sale today. Of course, you would have to buy me airplane tickets to France as well, since that is where the World Cup is being held next year.

Team Canada will have an uphill battle since we will playing in Pool B along with Australia, Wales, Fiji and the winner of the top team from Asia. Australia will be the toughest challenge. I also like Wales, but that is more because I have Welsh heritage. Canada’s first game is against Wales in Nantes on 9 September 2007 and will then we play Fiji in Cardiff on 16 September, Asia 1 in Bordeaux on 25 September and Australia in Bordeaux on 25 September.

I can’t wait. Rugby is the best game in the world!

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Rugby, Hockey, and Father’s Day — What A Day!

18th June 2006

RugbyCanada.jpgI know that technically tomorrow is Father’s Day, but I had a great Saturday. This afternoon I went with my son to part of the Churchill Cup Rugby Finals. We watched the New Zealand MÄ?ori trounce Scotland 52-17 in an entertaining game to win the Churchill Cup. In the consolation final, Team Canada played an excellent game against the USA Eagles and beat them 33-18. I was impressed with the Canadian team; the forwards played a solid game and the backs broke through a number of times. It bodes well for Canada for the 2007 World Cup of Rugby.

Edmonton_Oilers1.gifThen my family and I went to a friend’s place to watch the Edmonton Oilers‘ game in HD on his projection TV. The game was amazing! The Oilers truly dominated the game and tied the series. I think that Carolina is thoroughly demoralized after loosing the last two game. Hopefully the Oilers will play the same way Monday as they did tonight and bring Lord Stanley back to Edmonton!

Go Oilers Go!

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