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Exiled Gods in the ANE and the Bible

The “Concept of Exile in Ancient Israel and its Contexts” workshop was held two weeks ago at the University of Alberta. Due to teaching and administrative responsibilities, I wasn’t able to attend much of the workshop, though I was able … Continue reading

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This Week in God: Left Behind Video Games

While this segment is not new, YouTube now has it uploaded: The Daily Show’s Rob Corddry takes a look at the religous video game Left Behind: Eternal Forces on the show’s This Week in God segment. It’s a classic. Tags: … Continue reading

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Left Behind? Facts and Fiction

While the Left Behind books conceived by Tim F. LaHaye and written by Jerry B. Jenkins are “just” novels (kind of like the DaVinci Code is “just” a novel), the influence they have on forming people’s views of the end … Continue reading

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