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Jesus Sighted on Dog’s Derrière

26th September 2006

OK, this is too much! One of the most recent Jesus sightings is on the backside of a three-year-old terrier mix named Angus MacDougall.

Click here to see for yourself.

(HT Bits & Pieces)

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Where’s Jesus? Ask Jimmy Kimmel…

16th September 2006


According to Jimmy Kimmel, “Jesus really is everywhere!” (And I thought he was Jewish!) Just the other night Jimmy Kimmel had a special clip about Jesus sightings called “Where’s Jesus?” It was rather funny — there have been sightings of Jesus in rocks, wood panelling, fish sticks, mugs, pancakes, ceiling tiles, MRIs, pumpkins, dental x-rays, among other things. You can watch the segment here.

Jim West also noted another Jesus sighting… this time in the foam at the bottom of a pint of beer.

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Was Jesus a Shrimp?

8th August 2006

jesus_shrimp.jpgPerhaps my title is a bit misleading… this post is not about how tall Jesus may have been (though if you are interested, he probably would have been just under five feet). Rather, it is about another Jesus sighting… this time on a shrimp. That’s right… Jesus’ face has been discovered on a shrimp. See the whole story here.
Here are some other Jesus sightings that NBC11 has noted:

They are missing some sightings, such as the Pierogi Jesus. I think my favourite is the Jesus inthe dental x-ray.

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