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On Vacation…

24th July 2007

You may have guessed it by my lack of blogging, but I will be taking a bit of a break for some holidays in the mountains.

While I am away, feel free to check out some of the “Best of Codex” or browse the archives.


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MP3 Players – SanDisk versus iPod

6th May 2007

OK, I recognize this has nothing to do with biblical studies or biblical Hebrew, but it does fit in the category of something that interests me! I am in the market for a MP3 player for my daughter. I am looking for a flash memory player, either 2 GB or perhaps 4 GB. After some on-line and in-store research, I have narrowed it down to two players: The iPod Nano or the SanDisk Sansa. I know the iPod is the cool one that all the cool kids have, and I know the iPods are the leading brand, but I can get her a 4 GB SanDisk for about the same price as a 2 GB iPod — and the SanDisk also has FM radio and video capability, among other things.

So my questions to my readers are:

  • Is the iPod Nano really worth it? Or is it status and hype?
  • Does anyone have a SanDisk Sansa and can vouch for it?

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All Finished!

23rd April 2007

I am finished (in more ways than one!).

I am going to enjoy a nice bike ride into the University now and submit my final grades.

I still have to decide what I will do tonight to celebrate… but now I have to move on to some urgent publishing commitments, among other things!

No rest for the wicked weary!

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End of Semester Marking Extravaganza

19th April 2007

Once again my blogging has lagged. I just haven’t had the energy at the end of semester and I didn’t know what to blog the last couple days in light of the horrible tragedy at Virginia Tech (I know it sounds like a cliché, but my prayers are truly with all involved).

At any rate, right now I am in the midst of my bi-annual “End of Semester Marking Extravaganza” so I won’t be blogging in the next couple days. Instead, I will be holed up in my home office listening to U2 and making my way through piles of exams and papers. I hope to have all of my grades submitted by end of the workday tomorrow… but I am not entirely confident I will meet that goal. I would love to be able to put the semester behind me so I can move on to other neglected projects.

In short, stay tuned!


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Happy Fool’s Day!

1st April 2007

Ah… April Fool’s Day… I have many fond memories about fooling friends on April Fool’s Day. I think one of my best pranks was giving some friends eviction notices when we were all living in student housing at the University of Toronto. Another prank that I am quite fond of is my blog post from one year ago today: “David King of Judahâ€? Seal Uncovered (April Fool’s Day 2006 Post). Since my actual birthday is on April 1st, I have the advantage of always being aware that April Fool’s day is coming. I don’t have any pranks planned for this year… or do I?

Have a great day!

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Hockey Season Over

25th March 2007

No, I’m not talking about the Edmonton Oilers (though I may as well be!); I am talking about my son’s first year of pre-novice hockey. The season ended last weekend, though his team participated in the Tim Horton’s Timbits Jamboree Tournament this weekend (kudos to the organizers). We also had a big end-of-year team party today, so I’m bushed. I’m not sure what we’ll do with our weekends now that hockey is over.

I have to say that I was impressed with the organization of the Confederation Hockey Club (If you live in south-west Edmonton I highly recommend it!). It is very player-oriented and professional. My son’s team had great coaches and an awesome manager (OK, full disclosure, I was the manager!).

My son improved immensely over the year and has developed a love for hockey. I have to admit (and this may sound corny) that taking him to the early morning practices and games made me feel more Canadian. It’s sort of a national rite of passage (that and Tim Horton’s).

Perhaps now I can get back to some academic blogging…

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Blogging Lull

21st March 2007

You probably noticed that there has been a bit of a blogging lull! It just seems to be a low energy yet busy time of the semester, so I haven’t had the time nor the inclination to do much blogging. I’m over the hump, so to speak, so I imagine things will pick up here a bit. I have a lot of partially written posts that I hope to finish up, among other things.


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H.R. Pufnstuf

22nd February 2007

I would like to thank all of my readers who identified the 1970s television show in my previous post. As it turns out, the show was H.R. Pufnstuf by Sid and Marty Krofft. I remember watching the show Saturday mornings as a kid (Now I know why I am so screwed up! :-) ).


Our public library actually had a DVD with some episodes on it, so I watched some of them with my kids. Ah, talk about memories! Good o’l Pufnstuf, Jimmy, Freddie, Cling and Clang, Dr. Blinky, and of course, Witchiepoo! Unfortunately, my kids thought the shows were quite cheesy! (And I have to admit that they are right… nothing like a few decades to dull one’s memory! You also have to watch for a bit of racism, e.g., the redwood trees)

For those who want to walk down memory lane to the psychedelic seventies, check out the wikipedia article or see if your local library have any of the DVDs — or you can buy the complete series on DVD from or!

One thing I thought I should clarify: The proper spelling is Pufnstuf, not Puffenstuff or Puffenstuf.


Who’s your friend when things get ruff? H.R. Pufnstuff!

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Under the Weather

15th February 2007

OK, I was snowed under with marking and report writing (done the report writing for now, but still have tonnes of marking), now I feel crappy. Hopefully I can beat this cold before it beats me! I really don’t want to be sick during reading week (which is next week for us).

In the meantime… check out this somewhat humorous Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates video.

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Snowed Under…

12th February 2007

Wow… I figured I better post something so people don’t think I have went the way of the dodo! I am snowed under finishing a couple reports for Taylor University College’s five-year accreditation review. I should be finished them tomorrow (for now at least), so I will start to post regularly again Thursday. I have my second post in my Ideas of Origins and Creation in Ancient Mesopotamia series pretty much finished, though I need a bit of time to do some final editing. See you soon!

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