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As many of you know, my position at The King’s University College is coming to a close at the end of the month. The deal brokered between (the now defunct) Taylor University College, The King’s University College, and Alberta Advanced … Continue reading

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Ecclesiastes Goes Golfing

I just returned from a nice long weekend away with the family. This was one of our annual trips that with a couple other families. We took the kids tubing at the lake, went ATV-ing, sat around the campfire and … Continue reading

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Some Pictures of My New Office

Here are some pictures of my new office as promised: Now, the question will be how long will it stay neat and tidy! Tags: Personal, New Office, King’s University College

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Blogging from My New Office

Well, I am pretty much unpacked and starting to get organized in my new digs at The King’s University College. While I don’t officially start at King’s until July 1 (right now I am on “holidays” from Taylor University College), … Continue reading

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Endings and Beginnings

Last Saturday (April 25, 2009), we celebrated the 68th and final graduation of Taylor University College, Edmonton, Alberta. I also had the privilege of being the Master of Ceremonies at the graduation banquet in the evening. Understandably, the day was … Continue reading

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An Update on My Life

I would like to thank all of the people who have expressed concern over the closure of the university college where I teach. There has been no miracle bailout by  Bill Gates, so Taylor University College is still slated to … Continue reading

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U2 3D… 2COOL!

OK, instead of marking tests tonight I went to go see U2 3D (Catherine Owens and Mark Pellington, 2007; IMDb). I know I lamented that U2 3D wasn’t going to show in Edmonton — and it wasn’t. In part because … Continue reading

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Busy Marking…

OK, that’s irritating. I am in the middle of marking and decided to write a quick post to update everyone on some posts I am working on connected with the exile workshop at the University of Alberta last week, the … Continue reading

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A Major Pet Peeve: Writing in Library Books

I really really hate it when I take out a library book only to find that some doorknob has written in it — I don’t care if it is just neat little underlines or asterisks in the margin or dumb … Continue reading

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Back from the Depths

OK, I know I keep saying I will get back to regular blogging. This time I (hopefully) mean it! I have been swamped with the beginning of the semester things like writing syllabi, updating course webpages, and — perhaps the … Continue reading

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