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Canaanite Burial Ground Found in Jerusalem

Israel’s Antiquities Authority announced yesterday the discovery in Jerusalem of an ancient Canaanite burial ground dating back more than 4000 years. Here is the report from Arutz Sheva: Archaeologists working at the site of the Holyland Park building project in … Continue reading

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A Patristic Carnival Anyone?

Phil over at hyperekperisou is proposing to start a regular Patristic Carnival. The Carnival will be patterned after the Biblical Studies Carnival but will focus on Patristics, including textual studies of a patristic writer, translations of the patristic writer, historical … Continue reading

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Bible Stops Bullet

The Bible can save your life — literally! Associated Press reports about a man in Florida “credits two small Bibles in his shirt pocket for saving his life when they stopped a bullet.” Wow… just think what they could have … Continue reading

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Temple Treasures in Monastery?

The San Francisco Chronicle has an article claiming that the treasures from the (second) Jewish Temple are sitting in a Greek Orthodox monastery near Bethlehem. Right… The article, “Ancient Jewish treasures in monastery, book says Ancient Jewish treasures in monastery, … Continue reading

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Smithsonian Bible Exhibit in the News

The Hamilton Spectator has an interesting article from Washington Post reporter Allan Cooperman on the Bible exhibit underway at the Smithsonian. The article, “A True Testament to Change: How Much was Altered in the Bible’s Evolution?“, highlights some of the … Continue reading

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Two Hobbit Films Planned… Sweet!

This is great news… at least if you are a Tolkien fan. It appears MGM is planning to produce two (not one) films based on The Hobbit, and that their first choice for director is none other than Peter Jackson. … Continue reading

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Bible Movies Galore

I have been getting behind in my coverage of Bible films. I have watched quite a few recently, but just haven’t found the time to blog about them. Such is life. There are a number of intriguing Bible films that … Continue reading

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Microsoft Drops the Hebrew F-Bomb

It appears that Microsoft has committed a marketing faux pas with the name of their iPod competitor Zune — at least for Hebrew speakers. An ITWorld news article, “Microsoft Zune: Doesn’t sound sweet to everyone,” reports that the word “Zune” … Continue reading

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Turkey Archaeological Dig Linked to Garden of Eden

The First Post has an article on the archaeological dig at Gobekli Tepe in Turkey which links it to the garden of Eden story in the book Genesis. Interesting read. Tags: Archaeology, Genesis, Garden of Eden, Gobekli Tepe, Turkey

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James Barr Dead At 82

Dr. James Barr, an amazing biblical scholar, theologian, and linguist, died October 14 in Claremont, California. Students of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament will be familiar with his works (if not, they should be!). Here is an excerpt from the Vanderbilt … Continue reading

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