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Jesus Sighted on Dog’s Derrière

OK, this is too much! One of the most recent Jesus sightings is on the backside of a three-year-old terrier mix named Angus MacDougall. Click here to see for yourself. (HT Bits & Pieces) Tags: Jesus Sighting, Jesus on Dog’s … Continue reading

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Where’s Jesus? Ask Jimmy Kimmel…

According to Jimmy Kimmel, “Jesus really is everywhere!” (And I thought he was Jewish!) Just the other night Jimmy Kimmel had a special clip about Jesus sightings called “Where’s Jesus?” It was rather funny — there have been sightings of … Continue reading

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This is really funny…

This is really funny. Beware of little old ladies… (HT Looking Closer Journal) Tags: Humour

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Dr. Seuss Learns Greek

My previous post, “Abbott and Costello Learn Hebrew,” seems to have been a hit, so I thought I would post a reading that I use when I teach Koine Greek. This has its origins in my days as a student … Continue reading

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Abbott & Costello Learn Hebrew

I am not sure where I got this little sketch written by Rabbi Jack Moline, but I always enjoy doing it in my introductory Hebrew course in the first couple weeks of classes (I also have a Dr. Seuss Learns … Continue reading

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New U2 Single Released!

I mentioned the rumours that U2 was heading into the studio this fall here. As it turns out they released a new single already! Check it out here. (HT Looking Closer) Tags: News, Popular Culture, U2, Bono, New single

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Mega Churches Kick Out Members and More – LarkNews 4/9

The September 2006 edition of LarkNews is online. This issue has a feature about a mega-church that has decided to downsize by kicking out members, among other stories. Read it all for yourself here. Tags: News, Humour, LarkNews

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Do Religious Jokes and Puppets Mix?

I wouldn’t think that religious jokes and puppets mix, but I have been proved wrong by those over at, who have daily jokes told by puppets (which you can view via video). And not just any puppets — these … Continue reading

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Star Trek Inspirational Posters

Stephen Martin, my friend over at The King’s University College here in Edmonton, sent me this link to some humorous Star Trek Inspirational Posters. I think this is my favourite: Tags: Popular Culture, Star Trek, Posters, Humour

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I do not want to make any political statement on the Middle East conflict or the politics of the BBC, but as someone who has watched more than enough Teletubbies to ensure no time in purgatory, when I saw this … Continue reading

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